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09.21.13 - Chairlift

Some old friends and I met up in the backyard of Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn last weekend.
The evening was funny and fun.

07.14.13 - Sailboat Sails

Jillian and I took a little trip around the tip of the isle of Manhattan.  It was windy but crazy beautiful.

04.04.13 - Syringe
We had another shoot with Haley, this time modeling the syringe leisure dress.

03.26.13 - Distribution of Charitable Donations

A special thanks to all of our customers for donating to our selected charities.  More than half of our new friends have chosen to help relieve hunger in America which I feel speaks for the pulse of the country.  If there is a cause that you'd like to see supported, please email me and tell me about them!

03.09.13 - Alveoli in Sangria

We had a photoshoot/winetasting at the South Carolina Aquarium last week.  Haley in Alveoli in Sangria.

02.14.13 - Happy 7th Birthday Popduds!

Popduds set sail 7 years ago today.  This trip is dedicated to everybody who helped make it happen from angel investors to customs brokers to underwear beta testers... thank you!